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  • S.V.Patel High school

  • S. V. Patel High School

  • S. V. Patel High School

  • S. V. Patel High School


We have created an ambience, an atmosphere which fosters free thinking between the student - Teacher, Teacher- Parents, Teacher-Principal, Teacher-Management, Student- Management.

"It is through these positive vibes and synergy that the quest for excellence is attained"

Encouraging the students to be participative in Co-Curricular activities.

Promoting a desire to learn, skill to learn independently and creative inquiry.


Stepping back in time, we reach that moment in 1964, when the school was conceptualized - dream of none other than Mr. Vitthalbhai J Patel who with his vast experience in the field, dreamed of school "with a difference". A school that would address the needs of the majority, with opportunities in learning that equipped children with global perspectives with a deep Indian cultural. An environment that natured equally, the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual domains in a child.

Learning with enjoyment or enjoyment with learning can happen only in a warm and friendly atmosphere and that has been the unique achievement of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel High School is dedicated to providing students with an outstanding preparation for life in a safe and environment of open and respectful relationships in which learning; high achievement good character, and participation in the school community are valued.

Our school has a long standing reputation as a high performance school. The values to which are aspire are intended engage every students at the highest level of their learning through quality care and teaching.



  1. Focus on teaching and learning.
  2. Everyone can learn and achieve.
  3. Purposeful, structured teaching.
  4. Motivation high teaching standard.
  5. Intensive staff development aimed at creating a learning organization.
  6. Curriculum with strong focus on the need of all standards.
  7. Maximum learning for each student.

High achievements..........

  1. High expectations.
  2. Regular monitoring of progress.
  3. Prepare all students to succeed.
  4. Inspire everyone to do one's best.
  5. Identify individual talents and develop them.

Good character..........

  1. Develop into a responsible and socially well adjusted person.
  2. Promote acceptance and respect for all persons.
  3. Promote love for and loyalty to the nation.
  4. Service to the school.
  5. Example of the staff, parents and student's leaders.
  6. Good sportsmanship.