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Time Line for "23-01 " Date
Birthday (Gujarati) :
Dolarray Rangilray Mankad (1902),
Birthday (Indian) :
Subhaschandra Bose (1897),
Bal Thackeray (1926),
Ramesh Sippy (1947),
Abdur Razzak (1942),
Kamal Nayan Bajaj (1915),
Veer Surendra Sai (1809),
Birthday (International) :
Death :
Jinabhai Vasanji (1971),
Day :
Event :
Indian Airlines B737 crashes art Aurangabad, 61 die (1993),
Air transportation began in India by two Royal Air Force planes between Karachi and Bombay, and Air Mail service started. (1920),
India becomes ASEAN dialogue partner. (1992),
Indian first alloy and steel plant in the public sector started in Durgapur; alloy and steel plant limited project started. (1965),
India will be taught a lesson if it tries to cross the LoC, says the Pakistani military ruler, Gen. Pervez Musharraf. (2000),
Mrs Elizabeth Blackwell becomes 1st woman physician in US (1849),
Patent granted for an envelope-making machine (1849),
1st radio rescue at sea (1909),
US launches 2nd generation weather satellite, ITOS 1 (1970),
Bootlegger sells wood alcohol to wedding party-100 die-New Delhi (1972),
Sweden becomes the first nation in the world to ban aerosol sprays, believed to be damaging to earth's ozone layer. (1978),
Russian radioactive satellite falls into Indian Ocean (1983),
World's largest oil spill, caused by embattled Iraqi forces in Kuwait (1991),
The first version of the Java programming language was released. (1996),