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  • M. B. Patel Science College

  • M. B. Patel Science College

Vision :

To accelerate development of the society, by mainstreaming the education process amongst deprived strata of the region(Charotar), and also by facilitating quality higher education.

Mission :

To facilitate access to knowledge by using education as an instrument for bringing in change and progress, towards a bright future.  To provide opportunity to hidden talent and keep pace with technology.

Aim :

  • To forge and sustain the ethics, principles and knowledge, thus develop a responsible social youth.

  • To perform as a strong catalyst in building the youth for tomorrow.

  • To promote gender equality.

  • To make possible a flexible borderless curriculum for the students to strive in their academics.

  • To motivate competitive urge in students.

  • To create quality education that will nurture curiosity and creativity.

  • To give education with value system and not to deny meritorious students because of societal or economics discrimination.