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Time Line for "15-12 " Date
Birthday (Gujarati) :
Birthday (Indian) :
Khushi Dubey (2000),
Vinu Chakravarthy (1945),
Nek Chand (1924),
Javid Hussain (1968),
Birthday (International) :
Justin Ross (1954),
Helen Slater (1963),
Death :
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (1950),
Day :
Event :
1st US law school established at University of Pennsylvania (1791),
1st life insurance policy issued in US (Phila) (1792),
1st Irish magazine in US, Shamrock, is published (1810),
1st street-cleaning machine in US 1st used in Philadelphia (1854),
1st road with a depressed trough (Texas) opens to traffic (1925),
German submarine U-127 sinks (1941),
USS Swordfish becomes 1st US sub to sink a Japanese ship (1941),
Massachusetts issues 1st US vehicular license plate tabs (1942),
1st time 4 people in space (1964),
Soviet Venera 7 is 1st spacecraft to land on another planet (Venus) (1970),
NASA launches Intelsat V satellite, no. 503 (1981),