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  • D.N.High School

  • D.N.High School

  • D.N.High School

  • D.N.High School

  • D.N.High School


We will be an exclusive center where we will have design & social research drive approach to study the present issues like democracy, economic empowerment, technological change, urbanization, globalization, migration. We will be the prominent intellectual and creative center to meet social needs and problems our vision is to make the students solve problems and lead the right path. Their innovative methods, creativity, challenges will be a part of our school.



D.N.High school dreams & aims at shaping student for almost all paths /fields of life along with education. So that they can understand, contribute and successes rapidly in the changing world. We ensure that our  students  will prove themselves better having talent ,skill @ competitions which are inevitable in the emerging creative economy the practical & theoretical knowledge that they will  acquire will help them to improve local & global communities.



To raise the aspirations of  each   individual with our school community so everyone strives for personal excellence in everything they do.

To provide outstanding learning and teaching which enables all students, regardless of gender, race, black ground or ability to excel.

To help students develop respect for others so that they can form tolerant and caring relationships and be sympathetic to the needs of other people.

To provide students with a variety of experience and the support they need to be healthy to stay safe, to enjoy and achieve ,to make a positive contribution and to achieve economic well-being.

To use the skills, knowledge ,experience and talents of all staff to personalized the learning for each students.

To develop a culture of team work that promotes continuous improvement and the highest standards  of achievements and conduct in a 21st century learning environment.