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Time Line for "21-02 " Date
Birthday (Gujarati) :
Birthday (Indian) :
The Mother (1878),
Parthiva Sureshwaren (1980),
Priya Sachdev (1976),
Smita Bansal (1977),
Shah Waliullah (1703),
Karunas (1970),
Ranjith (1977),
Vedhika (1983),
Deepal Shaw (1986),
Nilanjana Sharma (1972),
Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar (1894),
Birthday (International) :
Jennifer Love Hewitt (1979),
Ellen Page (1987),
Ashley Greene (1987),
Death :
Om Prakash (1998),
Day :
International Mother Language Day ,
Event :
1st American Indian newspaper in US, "Cherokee Phoenix," published (1828),
1st known sewing machine patented in US, John Greenough, Wash DC (1842),
Edwin T Holmes installs 1st electric burglar alarm (Boston, Mass) (1858),
1st telephone book issued, 50 subscribers (New Harbor, Connecticut) (1878),
Camera exposure meter patented, WN Goodwin (1932),
1st instant developing camera demonstrated in NYC, by E H Land (1947),
F Crick & J Watson discover structure of DNA-molecule (1953),
Japan launches Hakucho x-ray satellite & Corsa-B (550/580 km (1979),
RAF-pilot Jo Salter is 1st woman to fly in a tornado (1995),
21 people are killed and 54 are injured in a bombing in Hyderabad, India (2013),
.India's Prime Minister Atal Bihair Vajpayee concluded two days of meeting with Pakistan's Prime Minister Mohammad Nowaz Sharif. (1999),
Press Club of India was founded in New Delhi. (1959),
Tillaya Dam and Bokaro Power Station opened by the PM. (1953),
The XV Indian Olympic Games in Madras. (1952),
Sonic Multani bags National snooker title in Mumbai (1997),

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